About Assembuild

Built together

Assembuild was founded in 2019 by Danny McConville, who desired to return to building design-led projects in Melbourne.

The company has since worked on many projects where we specialise in building architecturally designed new residential homes, renovations, extensions and small-scale developments, with a close-knit team of contractors, consultants and suppliers.

In the initial discussion with the client to the completion and handover, we carefully consider the small and big things that make a difference in a construction’s success and client happiness.

From its inception, Assembuild has always appreciated contemporary design that is beautiful, efficient, functional and innovative. From sound design, we recognise people’s lives can be enhanced.

Therefore our team works hard to connect the client’s vision to an outcome that provides relevant change and is carried out with excellent quality materials, products and workmanship.

It is this working relationship that we thrive on and how we achieve great results. If we had to sum up why we love what we do, it is because each project is ‘Built Together’.

Our Vision

Assembuild strives to connect and actualise the client’s vision in design-led construction.

We build it together.

Our Values

Quality driven

Customer satisfaction

Diversification in materials

Attention to detail


Maintain focus on all stages of a project

Bring a professional style and attitude to the domestic building world through the use of project management software and systems

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Director Profile

Danny McConville is the Director and Founder of Assembuild, who established the business in 2019 in the leafy Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Growing up like many Melbournians, he saw the opportunity to make his mark in the building and construction industry and entered a builders apprenticeship.

Before long, he found his passion for being part of the industry and how he saw his work in design-led projects come to life.

As a fully qualified carpenter with over 17 years experience in residential construction, eight years in project management, Danny now leads Assembuild with a conviction that design-led projects can be delivered in a professional manner.

Whether large or small, Danny places great focus on every project with the determination to complete the vision and expectations of his client. To that end, he understands the importance of good working relationships and accurate project management and leads by example as Assembuild’s Project Manager.

Personal Registration
DB-U 65640

Company Registration CDB-U 65784

Master Builders Members No. 400942